The journey to starting business actually began with being commisioned for our first repeat client. Founder, Craig March, had been producing a number of video productions for friends over previous years as a hobby and had developed a strong reputation for quality work.

From this reputation a friend who had seen Craig’s work suggested to Avant Ballet Studio to consider using Craig to produce their annual concert performance. The official request then came in from Robbyn, the studio director to ask if we could provide them with this service. We happily agreed and then proceeded to undertake everything necessary to begin business.

Every year since starting business we have expanded to cover more events and added to our equipment to be able to provide more services. We have gone from starting with a single camera to now having 4 different camera’s to suit a variety of filming scenarios. We also have invested in lighting and audio systems to increase our quality of production.

From the beginning we have always produced Full HD 1080p and with the advancements of technology we are now able to provide 4K production as well. Our final productions are available as a range of media choices. We do fully custom designed DVD cases for those scenarios when having a physical copy on the shelf is the desired outcome. Other options we have provided have been digital video files available on USB or upload directly to social media channels (e.g. YouTube, Facebook).

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